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It’s very important to know the best areas and hotels to stay in Bali. Choosing good accommodation is essential for a destination like this, where you can find cheap and high-quality hotels if you know what to look for.

However, before you marvel at the best accommodation deals in Bali, I advise you to decide the best Bali itinerary for you taking into account the number of days you’ll be staying. Although it isn’t a large island, most of Bali’s temples and other points of interest are very far away from each other, so if you don’t want to waste a lot of time on transportation, you have to choose where to sleep in Bali with care.

Unless you just want to be on the beach, it’s a good idea to divide your stay among two or three accommodations, which will allow you to visit the surroundings without wasting too much time moving from one place to another.

girl walking in bali finding a cheap accomodation

Although the prices of hotels in Bali are higher than those in the rest of the country, compared to European standards, accommodation in Bali is cheap and often even has some deals.

Before we start, we want to say that we don’t like the hotel chains where once you go to one, it’s like you’ve been to them all. In this article, you’ll find our recommendations of hotels in Bali; in addition to the price-quality ratio, we always look for accommodations that have personality and that, independent of the budget, turn the stay into a full-blown experience within our trip. For us, this is very important when talking about planning a trip to Bali, so we have chosen the best hotels and areas to stay in Bali for you.


There are plenty of accommodation options in Bali, but before talking about specific hotels, in general, these are the best places to stay in Bali:

  • Ubud, the best place to sleep in Bali and get around the island
  • Kuta and Legian, one of the most popular areas to stay in Bali
  • Seminyak,the best neighborhood in Bali to stay in
  • Canggu,one of the best places to stay in Bali
  • Jimbaran,where to find some of the best hotels in Bali
  • Uluwatu, Bali best accommodations with sea views
  • Nusa Dua,one of the most exclusive locations to stay in Bali
  • Sanur, my recommendation for accommodation in Bali if you like diving
  • Bedugul,one of the quietest areas to stay in Bali
  • Tulamben, the best village to stay north of Bali

Below, I’ll give you our recommendations on where to sleep in Bali so that your stay is unparalleled.


To help you with the question “where should I book my hotel in Bali?” in this section, you will find both cheap hotels and luxury accommodation in Bali. Depending on your situation and the type of trip you’re going to do (as a couple, with friends, with family, or alone) we’ll recommend one or the other. To always give you the best option, we have selected the cheapest hostels in Bali, the best hotels in Bali, and luxury resorts in Bali.

luxury hotel in Bali seen from the air, in ubud one of the best areas to stay in bali

The Udaya Resorts and Spa

In case you’re looking for luxury resorts for a honeymoon in Bali, I recommend our selection of the best villas in Bali. You’d be surprised how many affordable options exist. Additionally, in that article, we explain the differences between a villa and a resort in Bali and tell you why you should choose the first option if you want to get the best accommodation for your honeymoon in Bali.

Now, let’s look at the best locations to stay in Bali one by oneUbud, THE BEST AREA TO STAY IN BALI IF YOU WANT TO BE CLOSE TO ANYTHING

Ubud is the cultural and artistic center, which is why it’s considered an essential place to visit in Bali. It’s undoubtedly one of the best areas to stay in Bali  because it’s in the center, so most of the Bali day trips depart from here.

There are plenty of things to do in Ubud, such as visiting the Ubud Palace or the Sacred Monkey Forest.

Besides being located in a unique enclave, surrounded by rice fields, it stands out for its variety of restaurants and shops, since it is the most popular area to stay in Bali.

monkey forest ubud, where we book a hotel in bali

Ubud, one of the most popular areas to stay in Bali

If you’re lucky enough to find a vacancy for one of the following accommodations for your dates, I wouldn’t think twice about booking it.



In Kuta and Legian, you can find some of the best cheap accommodation in Bali perfect for groups, since most of the island’s clubs are located here.

However, there aren’t just nightclubs in Kuta and Legian, so, in addition to many young people, families and couples choose this area to stay in Bali because they prefer to be close to the beach, shopping centers, restaurants, etc.

beach colored umbrellas in kuta, one of the best areas to stay in Bali

Kuta, the best area to sleep in Bali if you like to party

You should bear in mind that this is the favorite spot for the large number of Australian tourists who decide to spend their holidays in Bali, so, if you’re thinking of staying in Kuta or Legian and you’re traveling during the high season of Bali, you’ll need to book your room well in advance. These are some of our favorite accommodations.

Seminyak, THE DISTRICT where i recommend staying IN BALI

Seminyak is a residential area southwest of Bali known for its beaches, nightlife, and good atmosphere. Among its attractions is the La Plancha bar, which has a chill-out area on the beach with very brightly colored umbrellas; this area is especially recommended for watching the sunset.

sunset from seminyak, the area I recommend to stay in bali

Seminyak, the neighborhood to stay in Bali that I recommend

Without a doubt, Seminyak is a good place to stay in Bali if you want to have lots of shops and restaurants nearby but also escape from the bustle of Kuta.

If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Bali I would suggest you start here. However, in this area, you can also find some all-inclusive hotels in Bali, an option we decided not to try during our 7-day Bali itinerary.


Canggu is a fishing town located 6 miles from Kuta. Its environment is calmer than Kuta and Seminyak and more oriented towards cultural activities and rest. Along its beaches, there are two centuries-old temples: Pura Batu Bolong and Pura Batu Mejan. As for its establishments, the Lawn bar stands out, especially for its cocktails, as well as the Ji restaurant Bali, where both Oriental and Western dishes are served.

surfers in canggu one of the areas with best accommodation in Bali

Canggu, best place to stay in Bali and surf

In addition, it is, without doubt, one of the best areas to sleep in Bali if you want to surf or you have to rent a scooter in Bali. Here are my accommodation recommendations:


Jimbaran is a fishing village in the south of Kuta. This very popular area to stay in Bali is also famous for its spectacular white sand beaches. In this town, you can visit the Garuda Wisnu Kencana – a park designed in honor of the Hindu god Vishnu that has impressive statues of up to 400 feet. Visiting this park is one of the most fascinating things to do in Bali.

white sand beach of jimbaran with restaurant, one of the best areas to stay in bali

Jimbaranand some of the best hotels in Bali

If you decide to spend some time in Jimbaran, these are the best hotels for every budget.


Uluwatu is located on the south of the island and is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive areas to stay in Bali. Some of its high cliffs with incredible views of the Indian Ocean even allow space for small beaches. Moreover, in this area, there are important temples, such as the Pura Uluwatu, one of the most important places to visit in Bali.

uluwatu temple at sunset, one of the quietest areas to stay in Bali

Uluwatu, one of the best accommodation options in Bali

These are some of the essential places to stay in Bali if you go to the Uluwatu area.


Very close to Uluwatu is Nusa Dua, a place where it’s essential to stay in Bali if you are a lover of luxury tourism.

Located on the south of the island, Nusa Dua has gained popularity since the 70s. Today it’s the area where you’ll find the most luxurious hotels in Bali.

Blue beach of Nusa Dua in Bali Luxury accommodations

Nusa Dua, the best accommodations in Bali for honeymoon

It is known for its 5-star resorts, and some of the most romantic hotels in Bali are also located here. If you want to spend a single night in one of the luxury resorts in Bali, I recommend you do it in one of the resorts we found in this area of ​​the island.


Sanur is definitely a good area to stay in Bali if you are a diving enthusiast.

Five-star hotels abound in this enclave that’s 2 square miles southwest of Bali, and many of them have direct access to the beach. Although it’s an area that has shops and restaurants, it’s quite quiet and has a limited nightlife.

Most travelers who choose this area to sleep in Bali do so because of the incredible seabed nearby or to visit the Gili Islands,  since the ferry to Gili Trawangan is very close to here.

coral in bali divers underwater and goldfish. Sanur is one of the areas with the best bali hotels

Sanur, one of the best areas to stay if you want to dive

It’s also one of the areas with more accommodation options in Bali, among which the following stand out.


Bedugul is one of the quietest areas to stay in Bali. Between mountains and near Lake Bratan, in this region, you’ll find the Pura Ulun Danu temple, one of the most well-known and photographed temples on the island.

Temple Tanah Lot in Bali

Bedugul, a different area to stay in Bali

In this area, you’ll also find the Botanical Garden of Bali, which contains more than 21,000 plants belonging to 2,400 species, and the GitGit waterfalls.

If you like to surround yourself with nature on your vacation, this is one of the best accommodation options in Bali.


Tulamben is a small fishing village to the northwest, and it’s where to stay in Bali if you’ve come in search of seabed to explore.

It’s the most famous location in Bali to dive, partly because on the coast, you’ll find the Liberty, an American ship sunk by the Japanese in 1942. Tulamben is also perfect for lovers of travel adventure and for those who want to visit the temples in the northwest of the island, such as Pura Besakih or Pura Lempuyang.

paradaise gates lempuyang with mount agung at the background

Tulamben, the best area to stay in northern Bali

If you find a room available in one of the following accommodations, I recommend you book it as soon as possible.



Don’t care about the area where you stay in Bali but want to make sure you choose the best hotel for every occasion? Then check out our list of the best hotels in Bali:


Do you want to find the best hotel deals in Bali? If you’re traveling on a budget or you’re taking a long trip and want to save up, you should review the next 5 cheap hotels in Bali. Of course, I’m not recommending them officially, since I’ve never stayed at any of these cheap hostels in Bali:

I repeat, we haven’t been ourselves, nor do we know anyone who has been in these cheap hostels in Bali, so this is not an official recommendation. If you want to see more Bali accommodation deals today:


Besides, you may be interested in our article on how to get cheap hotel rooms.


Here is a map of the best hotels in Bali. I also recommend downloading this map of Bali where you’ll also find the best areas to stay in Bali.

Before you go, I’ll leave you with the essentials for your trip to Bali:

I hope this list of areas and hotels to stay in Bali has helped you. If you have any questions or you return from your trip and you want to tell us about your experience with the hotels in Bali, leave us a comment.

source : https://capturetheatlas.com/where-to-stay-in-bali/

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